Our mission is to cut through the noise in the skin and hair care industries to deliver organic and natural products with ingredients you can trust and understand. We strive to deliver powerhouse products, and help people learn about what they put on their skin and hair. We don't sacrifice on quality, and we trust in our client base that they WANT to know what they are putting on their bodies! We want our customers to love their skin care routine with Scrub a lil Deepa.


Scrub a lil Deepa at Burlington County Farmers Market

As our mission evolves, we strive to make sure our products can be used by everyone.  We continue to make product lines more inclusive with our skincare ingredient vetting and research.

We are so happy to share the experience with our customers! Whether using invigorating exfoliation for your face, exploring new hair and beard care solutions, or moisturizing, toning and plumping your money-maker, our self care lines are tailored for transformation.  Through the health benefits of simple organic and natural ingredients, Scrub a lil Deepa users get the piece of mind that they are making a great long term solution for their skin and hair.

Our dedication to continue to learn about new and exciting discoveries in the holistic and general skincare industry is a huge part of our mission.  We want to remove the veil for all of our customers - with no agenda - and bring all the positives and specifics about skin care ingredients. 

Have a question about skin care?  We are happy to point out valuable resources to you to learn more about your skincare ingredients. Be sure to reach out and contact us if there is anything you want to know!

The best way for us to explore our mission of getting uncompromising skin care products into more hands is to partner and work with businesses, events, and shows.

Scrub a lil Deepa at Burlington County Farmers MarketWe especially love to partner with businesses interested in client connection. Our biggest way to give back to our partners is to ensure that we have a chance to make meaningful relationships with mutual clients that build trust and provide more than just a product.  We are product to be educators with open minds and no agendas.  We provide transparency, promote engagement, and love to get the chance to meet clients on site whenever possible.

One huge goal for Scrub a lil Deepa is to continue to engage with clients looking to make special occasions even more memorable. Whether a bridal shower, baby shower, or party favors, we love making special events even more meaningful by providing products that look and feel great, while delivering memorable results.

One of the myths we are determined to dispel for our customers is that you have to sacrifice effectiveness by going with 'cleaner' or 'organic' ingredients.  That is not true, and in some cases, the truth may be the exactly the opposite.  A great way for us to get to engage and educate about skin, hair and the ingredients that we use to help them thrive is to through community events and markets.  We are lucky to partner with many great organizations in South Jersey, and hope to continue to meet more people interested in learning about skin care.

As we work through our mission, we are so excited to continue to partner with more people and businesses alike who align with our spirit.  Thank you to everyone who has already been apart of our journey.  We are looking forward to what is next at Scrub a lil Deepa!

Thank you for stopping by.  We would love to hear from you, and so would our potential clients.  We love to pay it forward when you spread the word about our site by offering a 10% coupon to anyone who leaves a review. Also, be sure to check out our blog which is updated regularly with great information about Skincare. Or, you get straight to shopping- Shop Now!

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