Minimal Ingredients, Optimum Experience

We started a mission to make simple, powerful products that didn't have a long list of ingredients with names you can't pronounce.  What we came up with is better than we could have imagined.

Scrub a lil Deepa began looking into the power of enriching your experience through aromatherapy.  The benefits far exceed skincare, and range as far as to help your emotional health, as studies show.  Combining these powerhouse aromatherapy methods with skincare is a no brainer! We are so happy to get to share the experiencing with you. Using invigorating exfoliation for face and body, sprays and spritzes that cleanse and your body and home, and powerhouse organic ingredients, we ensure you unlock the essential oils.  Though the health benefits of simple organic ingredients often speak for themselves, be sure to follow us on social media to learn more about how simplifying your skincare to go organic will be your hidden weapon to feel healthier, look great, and enjoy the smells of essential oils.

Be sure to spread the love! When you the gift Scrub a lil Deepa, you provide a thoughtful, healthy and enjoyable gift that’s sure to be a hit. Invest in your experience. Invest in your health. Appreciate aromatherapy in a new way and get smooth and rejuvenated skin with Scrub a lil Deepa!