Cherry Bomb Sugar Scrub

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Scrub a lil Deepa Sugar Scrubs - Body Scrub

Scrub a lil Deepa's essential oil body scrubs pack the punch of essential oil, organic sugar along with restorative coconut and vitamin E oils for smells to remember and results you can't forget. Coconut oil, being rich in both vitamin c and vitamin e which promotes hydration, protection, and smoother skin. When combined with organic sugar, the exfoliation and hydration is transformational. In just your first use, you'll notice the smoother, healthier skin!

Ingredients List:

Organic Sugar
Lime - Lime oil treats skin diseases and irritations like acne. Because of its antibacterial abilities, lime soothes irritated surfaces. Lime oil is essentially helpful in cleaning out skin.
Cherry – Cherry essential oil is good to fight free radicals. It is a good preventive agent for cure of dry skin and can also cause prevention of acne.  It works well, like many oils as an anti-aging oil that helps clear scars. Cherry Essential oil smells relaxing and calming.  The effect it has can sooth even the tensest of muscles.
Vanilla- Vanilla essential oil helps to promote acne-bacteria fighting.  It works to precent wrinkles, lines and age spots. The niacin, thiamin, and pantothenic acid found in vanilla essential oil help promote skin health.
Organic Coconut Oil:

Organic coconut oil is a superstar for skin hydration.  It contains linoleic acid and lauric acid that help soothe the skin. The fast-absorbing oil smooths skin helps wrinkles and provides protection.  In addition, it can help to work against acne and promotes health.

Organic Vitamin E Oil:

Vitamin E oil is a powerhouse for skin.  It works against heavy skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. It even works to prevent skin cancer.  It reduces redness and promotion miniaturization. Vitamin E oil is a natural toner working against wrinkles and lines and can even work to heal wounds and reduce scars

Organic Mica Power
Cosmetic grade powder, used for coloring the scrub.